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Posted in Synth DIY by admin on the March 28th, 2007

Synth-DIY Sites

  • Articles by Don Tillman - Some really nice synth articles and ideas.
  • Audio Synthesis via Vacuum Tubes - Eric Barbour of Metasonix’s site on theory of vacuum tube synthesis.
  • introspective.org - a 909 clone called the 9090.
  • Ian Fritz - Interesting designs with articles and schematics.
  • Jürgen Haible - One of the best DIY designers. great projects (PS-3200 clone). This is an excellent resource
  • Mark Verbos - Buchla circuits and clones.
  • MIDIbox - a massive midi controller project. also has a SID midi synth that I plan to build someday.
  • Motohiko Takeda - A japanese synth diy site (some pages have english version), this site is deffinently worth checking!
  • Jim Patchell - A great resource for synth circuits. He has PCBs of a few projects.
  • Scott Bernardi - Some cool circuits for modular synths. especially the Obesifier Waveform Animator
  • Roman Sowa - DIY modular, DIY digital synth, and midi controller/keyboard PCBs.
  • Scott Juskiw - some great modular projects for an MOTM compadible system.
  • Scott Stites Synth DIY - A great site to see and hear the progress of his synthesizer and I love the sound samples. Scott has many great projects going now.
  • Synths’R'Us - René Schmitz DIY site that contains many cool designs and a few clones of comercial circuits.

PCB and Kit Suppliers

  • Blacet - Sells some interesting kits, several can be built for MOTM compatible systems
  • Catgirl Synth - Some really cool and different modules sold as bare PCBs. schematics are free.
  • Music From Outer Space - Many circuit for the usual modules. also a pre-patched mono synth called Sound Lab Mini-Synth
  • Oakley Sound Systems - Sells PCBs for many high quality modules and a TB303 clone
  • PAiA Electronics - Several kits suitable for absolute beginners. Modules and a standalone synth called the Fatman.
  • Synthesis Technology - Home of the popular MOTM modular synth. Sold as kits or assembled modules

Synth-DIY Services

PCB Software and Services

  • Kicad - A complete schematic capture and PCB layout package. It is open source
  • Futurlec PCB Service - Cheap PCBs. Price is based on board size and options
  • CustomPCB - Nice quality PCBs and a deccent price in quantities of 2

Component and Hardware Suppliers

  • Allied Electronics - deccent prices on spectrol and bourns pots
  • Digi-Key - Another store that has most needed parts that can’t be found at mouser
  • Mouser - They have a good selection of components. I buy most parts from here
  • Newark - more expensive than most places but has some parts you won’t find at the others
  • Precision Resistor - Source for temperature compensating resistors (stocked and custom made). Look at the PT146.
  • Small Bear - harder to find parts (BBDs, PT239x chips, companders)
  • THAT Corporation - High quality audio ICs