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Posted in Synth DIY by admin on the March 28th, 2007

Articles I have written the following notes to help understand some basic analog synth design concepts.

  • Pot Linearity - A simple note that shows pot curves with various load resistances.
  • Tempco Calculations - An analysis and explanation of a temperature compensated exponential current sink using PTC tempco resistors
  • Triangle->Sine Converters - An overview of tri->sine converters using OTAs with feedback. My dspicVCDO implements this converter with excellent results.

Books I have read many electronics books. The following are the ones I think are especially useful for someone wanting to design their own synthesizer circuits.

  • Microelectronic Circuits - In my opinion, this is one of the best books you can get for learning electronics design. I think it is much more useful that Art of Electronics (which is a good book to have). This book is appropriate for the first electronics course of an EE undergrad student. It will teach proper analysis and design of amplifiers, with Opamps and BJTs being the most important. These concepts are important for synth design. This may be difficult for someone with no circuits experience. As a prerequisite, I recommend the study of passive circuits online; up through RC circuits should be enough.
  • Designing Analog Chips - A great free ebook that has lots of stuff on low level analog design. There is plenty of bipolar circuits.